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Unleashing Your Child's Love for Learning with a Homeschool Morning Menu

As a homeschooling parent, you're well aware that flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of educating your child at home. But how can you harness that flexibility and ignite your child's love for learning each day? The answer might just be a "Homeschool Morning Menu." In this blog post, we'll dive into what a morning menu is, how it can benefit your child's education, and how to create your very own to supercharge your homeschooling journey.

What Is a Homeschool Morning Menu?

At first glance, you might think of a morning menu as a literal list of breakfast options. However, in the homeschooling world, it's an entirely different concept. A Homeschool Morning Menu is a dynamic and engaging approach to structuring your mornings of learning.

Key Ingredients of a Morning Menu:
  1. Learning Activities: A well-crafted morning menu features a variety of educational activities. Think reading, math exercises, science experiments, art projects, nature exploration, and more. It's your toolkit for the day's learning adventures.

  2. Choice and Ownership: The magic of a morning menu lies in choice. Your child has the freedom to select activities they're most excited about. This autonomy empowers them to take ownership of their education, boosting motivation and enthusiasm.

  3. Visual or Tangible Presentation: While you can create a morning menu in many formats, it's often visually or tangibly displayed. Picture a board with activity cards or a poster with colorful options. The visual appeal adds an element of excitement.

  4. Flexibility: One of the charms of a morning menu is its adaptability. You can tailor it to your child's age, learning goals, and evolving interests. Swap out activities as needed to keep things fresh.

The Benefits of a Homeschool Morning Menu:
  1. Child-Led Learning: Morning menus encourage child-led learning. Your child gets to decide what they're interested in, allowing them to follow their passions and curiosity.

  2. Variety and Engagement: Learning becomes more exciting when you have a range of activities to choose from. A morning menu adds variety and ensures that boredom doesn't creep into your homeschool routine.

  3. Ownership and Responsibility: By making choices from the menu, children become more responsible for their education. They learn to manage their time and make decisions about what to study.

  4. Independence: The morning menu can be particularly beneficial in households with multiple homeschoolers. Each child can choose activities that suit their grade level and interests.

Creating Your Morning Menu:
  1. Select Activities: Choose a mix of educational activities. Include core subjects like math and reading, but don't forget to add in some fun and creative options.

  2. Presentation: Decide how you'd like to present your menu. You could use a bulletin board, poster, or even digital tools like interactive PDFs.

  3. Daily or Weekly: Determine whether you'll plan a daily or weekly menu. Some parents like to set the menu for the week, while others let children choose each day.

  4. Review and Adapt: Periodically review your morning menu. Are there activities that your child has outgrown or lost interest in? Swap them out for new ones to keep the excitement alive.

Not ready or don't have time to create your own? No worries! Check out our Holiday Morning Menu bundle HERE.


A Homeschool Morning Menu is more than a scheduling tool; it's a recipe for fostering your child's love for learning. By giving your child a say in their education, you empower them to explore, discover, and create with enthusiasm. So, are you ready to cook up a batch of curiosity and self-directed learning with your very own morning menu? Start today, and watch your child's educational journey flourish.

-Kendra Taylor-

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