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Teacher Tools for Creating a Morning Menu

Are you a homeschooling mama looking to add a touch of organization and excitement to your morning routine? Creating a morning menu can be a fun and effective way to structure your mornings and engage your little learners. In this post, we'll explore the essential teacher tools you'll need to create a morning menu that's not only educational but also enjoyable for your kiddos.

1. A Canva Account

One of the most versatile and user-friendly design tools available today is Canva. With it, you can design visually appealing and customizable morning menu templates. Whether you want to create a daily menu, a weekly menu, or a themed menu for special occasions, Canva has you covered. It's perfect for adding that creative flair to all your other homeschooling materials too.

2. Menu Covers

Menu covers protect your morning menu and make your menu pages stand the test of time (and messy fingers). You can find menu covers in various designs and sizes to suit your preferences. Consider getting covers that are easy to wipe clean to ensure durability, especially if your little ones tend to be a bit enthusiastic during breakfast.

3. Dry Erase Markers

Dry-erase markers are essential for writing and drawing on your morning menu. They allow for easy customization and changes, making your menu adaptable to different subjects or activities. Opt for a set of bright and colorful markers to make the menu more visually appealing.

4. A Visual Timer

A visual timer is a fantastic addition to your morning menu routine. It helps children understand the concept of time and encourages them to stay on track. There are many types of visual timers available, from digital ones to hourglasses with colorful sand. Choose one that suits your homeschooling style and your child's age.

5. A Pencil Bag to Hold the Markers

A pencil bag is a practical way to keep your dry-erase markers organized and within reach. You can attach it to your menu covers or place it nearby for easy access. Look for a durable pencil bag to ensure it withstands daily use.

6. Printer Paper

While you create your morning menu digitally using Canva, having some printer paper on hand for printing out completed menus is essential. It's also useful for jotting down notes, ideas, or special messages for your little ones.

Bonus: Free eGuide to Using Canva

Ready to get started with Canva? We've prepared a free eGuide to help you navigate Canva's features and create stunning morning menus effortlessly. This guide covers the basics, tips, and tricks to make your homeschooling journey even more enjoyable. Grab the guide in our FREE Facebook group, Homeschooling Mamas: Ideas, Freebies and More.


Creating a morning menu can be a game-changer for homeschooling mamas. It adds structure to your mornings and makes learning more engaging and fun for your little ones. With the right teacher tools, like a Canva account, menu covers, dry-erase markers, a visual timer, a pencil bag, and some printer paper, you're all set to design your very own customized morning menus. Happy homeschooling!


We'd love to hear from you. Please share your morning menu creations with us in our FREE Facebook group, Homeschooling Mamas: Ideas, Freebies and More.

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